Blue Jays fans hearts crush in many ways

A story about Roy Halladay wouldn’t be complete if it didn’t break your heart a little.
We knew as Blue Jays fans that Doc’s call to the Hall of Fame was certain to stir up bittersweet emotions, but after the announcement was made official, there was enough joy and satisfaction in the moment that we could relax and enjoy the moment as the first Blue Jays drafted and developed by the organization was enshrined.
There’s a very reasonable line of thinking that will tell you that the National Baseball Hall of Fame is a ridiculous institution, and that we simply shouldn’t care. That the amount of time and emotion that we as fans invest in the election process, and all the arguments for and against players is a waste of energy that could be better spent elsewhere.
Take that line of thought to its logical extension, and you may be hard-pressed to explain why any of us spend thousands of hours every year fretting over sport at all.

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