Trump: ‘totally mad’

McLean, Va. — Michael Bloomberg came to Virginia on Friday to deliver a message to Democrats: I told you so.
The former New York City mayor delivered his most anti-Trump remarks since he called then-candidate Donald Trump a “dangerous demagogue” and knocked his business credentials in a speech at the 2016 Democratic National Convention.
“I said then that he was just not suited,” Bloomberg said Friday morning in a speech at the Democratic Business Council of Northern Virginia event. “He did not have the skills, the temperament, the work ethic to be president of the United States.”
Though both are New York billionaires, Bloomberg distanced himself from the president, casting Trump as someone he knew only “casually” through interactions on the subway and at ribbon-cutting ceremonies. And he assailed the former real estate mogul for what he called “a complete failure of presidential leadership” and “totally incompetent management” as some federal agencies remain shuttered amid the longest government shutdown in U.S. history.

“You’ve gotten exactly what I described,” he said. “This is a person who should not be the president of the United States and I think we have to get serious. He is way in over his head.”

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